Что такое эссенциализм и почему он сделает вас счастливой

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Стремитесь переделать как можно больше дел, а сил и времени всегда не хватает? Или, напротив, вас затянула рутина жизни, и вы монотонно делаете одно и то же? Пожалуй, ни то, ни другое не принесет вам ни успеха, ни счастья. В отличие от эссенциализма! Мы разузнали у специалиста, чем хороша эта философия жизни, и как начать ее практиковать.

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Что такое эссенциализм?

<<Эссенциализм>> (от латинского essentia, <<сущность>>) — древняя философская концепция, предполагающая осознанный выбор меньших благ, но лучшего качества. И хотя основные постулаты ее известны давно, особую популярность она обрела в последние годы, после выхода книги-бестселлера Грега МакКеона <<Эссенциализм. Путь к простоте>>.

<<Успех этого движения вполне закономерен. Люди устали жить на пределе возможностей, постоянно что-то потребляя. Они ищут способ сохранить ограниченные запасы своей энергии, чтобы направить ее на наиболее значимые стороны жизни. И эссенциализм учит именно этому>>, — поясняет клинический психолог Алиса Галац.

According to a specialist, this philosophy can help improve the quality of life. << Each woman is faced with a situation where the closet is bursting with clothes, but still there is nothing to dress. Largely because there are a lot of old clothes in the closet, or one that you don’t like, does not go on, accidentally bought at a sale, etc. So in life – we often grab onto any opportunities, communication, information – we are afraid to miss something. And then we feel stress from the fact that we don’t have enough time, money, energy, or everything that we have is not of the best quality >>, – the expert comments.

The philosophy of essentialism proposes not to “rush” at all in a row, but to choose only what you really need. For example, instead of ten dresses bought in a fit of sale, purposefully save up for one – expensive, branded, which will really decorate you.

According to experts, this concept contributes to our personal growth, develops the ability to consciously approach your life. << Essentialism is about personal maturity, the ability to make responsible choices. And when you strive to buy, worry, do a lot, you really stop living consciously, turn into a slave of consumption. The same thing happens when, on the contrary, you don’t seem to make a choice at all – you live in the “home-work” mode, without even trying to comprehend what you would like for yourself >>, the psychologist emphasizes. That is why, according to the expert, so many people who have everything suffer from depression just like those who have nothing, but they do not dare to change anything.

<< When you << greedy >>, pounce on everything, want a lot, you constantly feel stress, as desires grow, and your resources are limited. In the same way, oddly enough this sounds, a person can spend a lot of energy and energy on maintaining his life in a stable routine, not doing anything, no matter how much he wants, >> says Alisa Galatz.

How to learn to live in the style of essentialism?

Here are some general recommendations that an expert gives.

Clearly state your goals. Perhaps this is one of the key skills of essentialism. << Think about what you want most in each of the areas of life? Make a list of your desires, and then rank each one. It is those goals that will be in the first place, and there is something that needs to be directed to forces >>, says the psychologist.

Learn to frame yourself. Yes, we used to hear tips like << Don’t put yourself in a box! It interferes with creativity >>. But in fact, they are needed, according to the essentialists. << The lack of boundaries for anything deprives the action of meaningfulness, forcing you to spray on everything, >> the expert says. She recommends taking it as a habit to limit your actions to the scope of time, money, and strength. << Are you working on a task – set real terms for its implementation. Want to go shopping? Make a shopping list, determine the limit of money spent >>, – comments Alisa Galats.

More often say << no >>. Again, modern business coaches constantly tell us that we don’t need to give up opportunities, any new one should say << yes >>. However, according to the expert, the constant thirst for new opportunities is the path to emotional burnout. << The ability to choose what to give up is extremely important. Learn to give up what is now not especially important for you and will not do you any good. A friend suggests meeting, but is she not too pleasant or interesting for you? Then do not agree simply out of politeness – spend this time communicating with loved ones >>, the psychologist notes.

Encourage your success. To make the path to your goals more pleasant and easier, celebrate and praise yourself even for small steps in the right direction. << This technique not only helps us maintain motivation for long-term goals, but also generally improves our self-esteem and makes us feel satisfied with our own actions >>, the expert explains.

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