Что происходит, когда мы питаемся нерегулярно

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У всех бывают дни, когда мы не можем или не хотим поесть вовремя. Ничего страшного не случится, если изредка пропустить завтрак или обед. Хуже, если питаться нерегулярно входит в привычку, и вот почему.

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We feel tired

People who are used to skipping basic meals and having a snack on the go than they have to, often complain of general weakness, dizziness. << This is due to the fact that glucose levels drop sharply in the blood, ”says Francis Largeman-Rof, nutritionist, author of << Food in Color >>. – When we do not feed our brain in a timely manner, it gives a signal to all organs of the body to reduce intensity, to work in slow motion. This is important to take into account when practicing, for example, periodic fasting. You must be sure that you know how to do it competently. You should strictly adhere to the schedule, and on the days when it is allowed to eat, include in the menu products that will help the body survive the subsequent fasting >>.

We overeat

“When people skip meals, they feel that they haven’t done something important during the day, and as a result, when they finally sit down at the table, they overeat,” says Bonnie Taub-Dicks, author of BetterThanDieting.com and books << Read this before you eat >>.– If we eat regularly, observing the regime, our body uses the incoming nutrients and energy most effectively. Imagine your body is a food processor. If you load food in portions, it works fine. But if you immediately put a large number of products, it will be difficult for the combine to process them at a time, it will not be able to function as efficiently. The same thing happens with our body, when we eat all day, and then catch up >>. So that the body does not suffer, we must provide it with three full meals a day and several healthy snacks. Have you heard that your stomach is rumbling? This is a signal to eat. << I advise you to rely more on your own feelings, rather than on the clock, says Bonnie Taub-Dicks. – As soon as you felt

Our mood is spoiling

As already mentioned, carelessness in nutrition leads to the fact that sugar levels drop in the blood. This has a bad effect on the emotional state. If you have ever been hungry, you probably know this feeling of annoyance. << Glucose is the fuel for our brain, and when it does not receive it, it plunges us into a bad mood, says Largeman-Rof. – That’s why, when we feel hunger, we strive to satisfy it with everything that comes to hand, but, alas, only not healthy food. When the blood glucose is low, we want something fatty and sweet, because our body requires just that >>.

We are gaining weight

You are mistaken if you think that ignoring the main meals, you will lose weight faster. As we have said, starvation or poor nutrition during the day leads to the inevitable overeating in the evening. In addition, we seek to get enough food harmful. This behavior leads to a gain in excess weight, which we are trying to fight by going on a diet. Weight loss measures, as a rule, end with the fact that kilograms are more than returned. << Diets have a bad effect on metabolism, says Largeman-Rof. – The body will strive to put as much as it can in fat depots, and will be very reluctant to part with its reserves. He will learn to economically use incoming energy. Food omissions also disorient the hormonal system, in particular the production of the hormone leptin, which controls appetite. You won’t feel full even after eating tight>

How to organize your diet correctly, you will learn here and here.

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